Convert Drupal to WordPress – Yes You Can

October 22, 2015

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A good Content Management System (CMS) is integral for building a strong website, and there are a number of great platforms out there. Take Drupal and WordPress. While Drupal is very robust and has a lot of great features for building enticing websites, it can be difficult to update and is not as user friendly for those who wish to manage and update their sites after the development phase. And, recent Drupal security exploits have many users feeling vulnerable. This is why an increasing number of developers and businesses are turning to Foxtrot Media to convert Drupal sites to full-featured WordPress websites.

While Drupal can be a very good platform for websites, some users actually feel it is too robust for their needs. WordPress has come a long way as a CMS and is surpassing Drupal in many areas, including ease and speed of uploading images, better options for formatting and ease of use.

WordPress, with all the recent advancements made to this system over the past year, isn’t just a blogging system anymore; it’s a full featured CMS that is quickly becoming a go-to tool for web developers and users alike. In past year, the WordPress CMS has made great strides in a number of areas with so many themes to choose from and more than 30,000 plug-ins. Google loves WordPress and the CMS is also great for SEO. In fact, WordPress can do just about everything Drupal can do, but it’s easier to use!

For anyone thinking about converting from Drupal to WordPress, it’s clear that WordPress has become true competition.

The bottom line is – you don’t have to feel stuck with Drupal. At Foxtrot Media, our team has intimate knowledge of both content management systems and the experience and know-how needed to successfully convert Drupal sites to WordPress websites for our clients.

Put the experience of Foxtrot Media on your side for converting your Drupal website to WordPress. Give us a call to learn more – (410) 902-1001.