Web Programming // Website Programming

Convert to Responsive Design

Foxtrot News: Multiple Views! According to Microsoft, by 2014 more than 50% of web traffic will be on mobile browsers. Mobile has been adopted by the mainstream faster than radio, television, color television, and the PC combined.

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PHP and MySQL Programming

Is part of your PHP script deprecated? PHP syntax is simple. At Foxtrot, we love it! We install PHP modules and scripts and write everything from server-side to command line scripting. We code PHP to support Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla.

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Template Creation and Website Skinning for CMS

The skinny on your interface The website’s skin is the website’s face, face forward and full of features, with a great look and feel. As designers of skins, you know the mechanics behind the scenes, be they in-house programmers or folks like us here at Foxtrot. We affix skins onto choice CMS.

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Fixing Website Problems

Give us your tired, your weak and incredibly slow websites. We will fix them. Foxtrot is a high-end website repair shop. Here, we soup things up! If you’re working with a sluggish website and confounded by the problem, show us the problem – we will fix it.

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Website Updates and Support Packages

You may be dated, but don’t be defeated. When your Google rank is slipping… When your pop-ups keep popping up… When you can’t even access your own CMS… Something is up — what’s causing the problem? At Foxtrot, we’re a group of high-end mechanics.

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Remove Virus from Website Service

Hacked, attacked. Your website’s been compromised and systems are down. It’s not a good day, to say the least. Many of us have been there, or, we know it can happen. With business coming in… Sales to capture… Leads to catch… All it takes is a single virus for a good day to go awry.

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