Convert to Responsive Design // The Web, it's not just for computers anymore.

Foxtrot News: Multiple Views!

According to Microsoft, by 2016 more than 60% of web traffic will be on mobile browsers. Mobile has been adopted by the mainstream faster than radio, television, color television, and the PC combined.

As businesses, marketers, and graphic designers, we spend tremendous energy and resources writing and designing web sites that read well and look beautiful on our desktops and laptops.

Now, as customers conduct more and more business with mobile devices and tablets, we’re making all these great websites function, and look pretty, on smaller devices.

The buzz is “responsive design,” and that means many screens, many sizes — one size no longer fits all.

“Web sites morph!”

At Foxtrot, we help our clients create the best navigational and viewing experiences for all of their customers, no matter what device those customers favor.

And, our technicians take on responsive design tasks in multiple CMS, including  Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla.

Pick a device, any device – desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet – Foxtrot gives you and your clients a clean, simple interface, responsively designed for flexible business utility.


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