Template Creation and Website Skinning for CMS // Turning your design into a CMS website!


The skinny on your interface

The website’s skin is the website’s face, face forward and full of features, with a great look and feel.

As designers of skins, you know the mechanics behind the scenes, be they in-house programmers or folks like us here at Foxtrot. We affix skins onto choice CMS.

At Foxtrot, we put skins in the game

We are mechanics. We administer skins on the back-end, and we customize skin objects, including .psd graphics, images, and menu bars.

We make skins function on top of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. We can manipulate graphics, install modules.

Essentially, we make things look the way you want them to.

Foxtrot: Custom skinning for multiple CMS, skin conversions from Photoshop, and technical module integrations. Ready to skin your CMS? Give us a call.