PHP and MySQL Programming // We love LAMP! (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)


Is part of your PHP script deprecated?

PHP syntax is simple. At Foxtrot, we love it! We install PHP modules and scripts and write everything from server-side to command line scripting.

We code PHP to support Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla.

If you need help scripting the back-end of a web site – custom, CMS, or non-CMS – we can manipulate PHP software and take your web assets from deprecated, depreciating, and decelerating to revenue-generating, accelerating and truly dynamic.

Problems using PHP to access or interface with an API?

Small businesses, marketers, and designers turn to us because we know PHP’s advanced features. We write high-end, high quality scripts to rebuild fractured processing instruction.

With PHP coding, we can deliver RSS feed integrations and build robust databases.  We also work with JavaScript and JQuery.

A powerful scripting language, PHP only works well when it works right. Don’t let a clean system run afoul with errors. Keep your PHP coding functional and call us when you need us.