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wordpress-developers“Error establishing database connection.”

Seen this before?

WordPress: We know it’s user-friendly, but sometimes less so.

Are your WordPress plug-ins not working?

Are you having trouble skinning?

Are certain WordPress features bugging you, and you can’t get things to look the way or act the way you want them to?

Small businesses, marketers, designers, and bloggers all call Foxtrot for WordPress help, because here, we know how to repair and optimize WordPress back-end systems and make them functional, so they operate smoothly, cleanly, and efficiently.

“We’ve got a malware situation.”

“We’ve been hacked.”

Let your problem be ours. It won’t be a problem for long.

The most devout, technically-savvy WordPress people call Foxtrot for WordPress help. Tell us what’s making your system stuck; we’ll unstick it.