Biran Kelly – Trial and Appellate Lawyers in Maryland and Washington

February 15, 2013

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Biran Kelly LLC is a boutique law firm focused on representing clients zealously in serious criminal, civil, and administrative matters at the trial and appellate levels.

After working together on some of the District of Maryland’s most important cases, the founding partners, Jonathan Biran and Ty Kelly, left the United States Attorney’s Office as a team to put their decades worth of actual trial and appellate experience to work to represent both individuals and corporations in trial-court litigation and on appeal. As former Assistant United States Attorneys, they have specialized knowledge of the criminal process and know firsthand what arguments work in persuading prosecutors, judges, and juries. Their experience trying cases and arguing appeals is second to none and provides the bedrock for their creative, cost-effective, and results-oriented approach to representing clients. Before becoming Assistant U.S. Attorneys, both Jonathan Biran and Ty Kelly were trial attorneys at the Department of Justice, in the Public Integrity and Fraud Units, respectively. Their experience in Washington prepared them to aggressively handle the most sophisticated white collar and public corruption matters.

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