WordPress Theme Modification // Themes are great... to a point...

Reworking Themes to Your Liking

You do the content, we’ll do the PHP.

We understand that some project just don’t have the budget for a custom designed WordPress site and that sometime, you just have to use a premade theme/template. WordPress templates are abundant, beautiful, and have a lot of really neat features out of the box, but they only seem to get you about 80% there, the last 20% just never looks or works the way you want it. We know that feel.

We’ve worked with themes from some of the most popular theme developers such as:

We have also worked extensively with Divi Page Builder and Visual Composer. In-fact, we’ve written quite a few of our own custom Visual Composer Content Elements as well.

Before you pull the hair out of your head trying to force a theme to do what you want, give us a call or send us a message with the form to the right and let us see what we can do to make your site perfect!