WordPress Theme Modification // Themes are great... to a point...

Reworking Themes to Your Liking

We understand that some project just don’t have the budget for a custom designed WordPress site and that sometime, you just have to use a premade theme/template. WordPress templates are abundant, beautiful, and have a lot of really neat features out of the box, but they only seem to get you about 80% there, the last 20% just never looks or works the way you want it. We know that feel.

We’ve worked with themes from the most popular theme developers such as Elegant Themes, Rocket Themes and themes sourced from the Envato Theme Forest.

We have also worked extensively with Divi Page Builder and Visual Composer. In-fact, we’ve written quite a few of our own custom Visual Composer Content Elements as well.

Before you pull the hair out of your head trying to force a theme to do what you want, give us a call or send us a message with the form to the right and let us see what we can do to make your site perfect!