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You Design, We'll Develop

WordPress is your CMS because it’s flexible.
It’s our job to make it easy-to-use.

You’re a pro with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign; a master when it comes to digital imaging and print layouts. But perfecting the code using PHP, then finding the right plugins, and mastering the development process—and still not coming up with a site that looks and functions like you need it to—can be frustrating when you don’t eat, sleep and breathe web site development.

Our team works with you every step of the way to make sure the developed site matches your design. Just as important, we understand that functionality and user experience is key to client satisfaction.

To ensure the site looks and works just as you need it to, we promise to:

  • Work with you in the design process to allow you to know what’s feasible
  • Guide you through all the options to allow you to manage client expectations
  • Know the right questions to ensure you get the interactive features you’re looking for

Every question matters

Good, two-way communication is key, and that’s why, at Foxtrot, you’ll always get a real person, not a robot. What’s more, we pledge to return your calls or emails within [24 hours.]

Join the growing list of designers and marketing professionals who rely on Foxtrot Media to deliver top-notch web products with responsive client service.

It’s our goal is to meet your goals: to develop your vision, and to keep your development projects moving on-time, within budget.

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