WordPress Sites From Your Design Files // Send us your design files, we'll send you a quote!

You Design, We’ll Develop

You’re a pro with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign; a master when it comes to digital imaging and print layouts, but not so much when it comes to HTML, CSS, PHP and website developemnt. That’s where we can help… Send us your design files and we’ll turn them into pixel perfect, customer editable websites.

Our development team is equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite of products and is ready to make WordPress look just like your artwork. We’ll come to you with the right questions about your designs regarding interactive elements and guide you through what your options are ensuring that you can set your clients expectations. We will even work with you while you are creating your designs when you have those “is this even possible?” moments.

We know that communication is very important, so we are always checking our email, answering our phones and listening for Slack notifications. If you have a preferred method for project management, we’re open to that as well. We want to be part of your team, helping you succeed; your success is our success. Join the growing list of designers and marketing professionals who rely on Foxtrot Media to deliver top notch WordPress experiences every day!

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Want a quote on your designs? Send us your files and we’ll get in touch with our prices.