WordPress Maintenance Packages // We're here for you!

Let us be your out-of-house web development team

We realize the importance of your website and want to be able to respond quickly to your website needs as they arise. Our website maintenance program is a great way to utilize our team when you need help with your site. By agreeing to take us on as a partner, we will reduce our billing rate as well as be able to respond to your requests much quicker as there will be much less paper work.

Here’s What’s Covered:

  • General Website Updates
    • Edit, revise and update content
    • Functional Updates
  • Website Operation Support / Training
  • Website Security Updates
  • Regular and thorough website backups
  • Website Troubleshooting / Bug Fixes
  • QA Testing

Here’s What’s Not:

  • Website redesign or re-development
  • Website Design or Design Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Website hosting
Package  Price/ Hr.  Price/ Mo.
3 Hours/ Month $110.00 $330.00
6 Hours/ Month $105.00 $630.00
10 Hours/ Month $100.00 $1,000.00
15 Hours/ Month $95.00 $1,425.00
20 Hours/ Month $85.00 $1,700.00


How the Hours Work:

Hours are allocated on the day we receive the signed contract, and will be allocated on each subsequent day of the following months. Unused hours for a month will “roll over” into the following month, but will not carry into the next term. Foxtrot shall provide you with a website link so that client may budget their hours.


The term of the maintenance package is one year, and will automatically renew until we are notified that you no longer need our services.