Website Updates // We are WordPress Experts

WordPress giving you fits? Call the Experts!


We Do WordPress Updates

Site updates are at the heart backbone of everything we do. While we love creating brand new web sites, we also love to be “WordPress heroes”, fixing and tweaking our customers’ sites.

Whether your site is just not working right, the interactivity isn’t lining up as you need, or there’s a feature you can’t quite figure out, who are you going to call? It’s Foxtrot Media to the rescue!

Give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to take a look. Our goal—like yours—is to get your site back up-and-running without delay.

We’ll Update the WP Core and WordPress Plugins

We take the panic out of updates

No need to hold your breath every time you update your WordPress core and plugins!

Foxtrot Media has developed a system to ensure that updates go smoothly. It’s all about the backups!

Before we commit a major update, we create a full backup of your WordPress file system and database. The backup serves as a clone of the live site that we can then use as a test environment. Using the backup, we systematically update the core and each plugin and then do a comprehensive test of all the functionality. That way, we can make sure the updated site operates as expected.

If something should break, we will let you know, and alert you to unexpected changes or fees involved in resolving any issue that might arise as a result.

If it breaks, good news: with Foxtrot on the job, you’re still in business. If anything happens to the site, you are not alone. We are here to make it right!