About Us // Empowering Small Businesses, Marketers and Graphic Designers since 2005

foxtrot_customersFoxtrot customers come back.

Pick a CMS: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla. At Baltimore’s Foxtrot Media, founded in 2005, we pride ourselves on working with small businesses, marketers and graphics designers to engineer functional, smart, fast web sites. We deliver top-tier customer service and provide quick, accurate diagnoses of web project and system back-end technology needs.

Foxtrot customers come back to us because they trust us to keep them savvy and web-enabled at all times. We are a tight-knit web-outfit that functions like a high-end, precision auto body shop. We get our hands dirty in the technology, and we love it!

At Foxtrot Media, we develop, update, and repair the aforementioned CMS, among others.

From coding to hosting, from SEO to PPC to landing pages, we will match our core development and programming competencies with your web and technical needs.

Foxtrot codes and hosts – email and websites — and also engineers responsive designs for mobile applications.

And, if you have been hacked, or if viruses are slowing down your systems, call us! We answer the phone! We’ll help you!

At Foxtrot, we love to make people’s lives easier by fixing non-working technology that puts business to a halt. We will get you back on the go!



Brian Singer


Brian began building database driven websites 1994 as an early developer of the YaBBSE project; now Simple Machines. He is proficient in SEO, Photoshop, Excel, MS Paint, Sony Vegas and World of Warcraft. A graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Singer holds his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film and video animation.

Allen Robinson

Director, Application Development

Allen Robinson is a Computer Science graduate of the University of Wisconsin. He has been working on web-based applications since 2002. At Foxtrot Media, Allen has been responsible for the planning, coding, maintenance and deployment of over 40 websites. When he is not coding for Foxtrot, he is building his own personal websites and participating in an old-time baseball league.

Sean Kellner

Web Applications Engineer

Sean Kellner has earned two degrees at the Community College of Baltimore County; one in IT/ Systems Administration and the other in Computer Science. Sean’s strong attention to detail and his passion for coding has made him a huge asset to not only the Foxtrot team, but to any team, including yours.

Due to her lightening speed and flexibility, Sean uses Chunli to challenge his co-workers at Street Fighter.

Alexander Oni

Web Developer

Alex joined Foxtrot in May 2013 and has a masters degree in cyber-security from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. When he is not building websites with WordPress in the office, Alex can be found challenging his co-workers to a game of Street Fighter with his favorite character; Blanka.

Alex is also a bit of an actor haven appeared in a cameo appearance that lasted 2 seconds in the popular tv series House of Cards.