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“Priority Partners,” is a managed care organization made up of multiple Maryland partners joined in unison to provide low and no-cost healthcare for qualified Maryland residents. On the site, Priority Partners offers Health Choice memberships. Foxtrot designed the site so Priority Partner Health Choice members may sign-up, receive health news alerts, research doctors and benefits, and locate specific health providers.

The PPMCO site, converted from Drupal 6 to a multilingual WordPress site, is state-of-the-art, fully ADA compliant, and responsively designed: that is, Health Choice members may access and utilize the site from mobile, tablet, or desktop.

We built the PPMCO site towards the end goal of ease-of-use, to make it simple for Health Choice members to access the Priority Partners health organization at any time. We built out the back end of the site as well, so if Priority Partners’ administrators and staff need to make any discretionary modifications, they can do that from just about anywhere, at any time.


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