A New Website Gives Irvine Nature Center Tools to Keep in Touch with Visitors

Irvine Nature Center turned to Foxtrot Media to help them tackle some big challenges with their old and dated website. The Center’s former site was not visually appealing for the audience and was difficult for the staff to update and maintain. With so much going on at Irvine, it was vital for the Center to keep in touch with its audience and have the ability to communicate timely news and events to keep its visitors engaged.

With the help of Orange Element’s brilliant designers, Foxtrot’s team tackled Irvine’s website challenges head on, creating a fully responsive, mobile friendly platform to keep visitors coming back for more. Irvine’s old website was very static and visually outdated and the Marketing team was looking for something vibrant and engaging. Foxtrot’s complete overhaul of the website provided Irvine’s Marketing team with user-friendly WordPress platform that has movement, visual appeal and makes it easy to promote its many classes, events, features and news to its growing number of visitors.

In addition, a mobile platform was also very high on the priority list for Irvine’s team with the Millennial fan base at an all-time high. Beth Lacey Gill, Director of Marketing and Communications at Irvine Nature Center says, “Mobile is important to our millennial fan base, which is exploding for us right now. Our biggest audience is families with young children, and millennials are just starting to reach that point in their lives. Now, we feel ready them!”

Beth adds, “When we started the process of redoing our website, we were certain we wanted to stay with our web host, who had been great. But our experience with Foxtrot was so overwhelmingly positive that we switched to their hosting services as soon as our contract with the other host ran out!”

Check out the new and enhanced Irvine Nature Center website, built by Foxtrot Media – www.explorenature.org.

Does your business have a website that looks like it’s from Y2K? Let Foxtrot Media develop your new website and start engaging with your customers. Call us to get started – (410) 902-1001.

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