Why hire a part time web developer when you can have Foxtrot Media’s Services?

With more and more businesses using their websites and online presence to attract new customers and communicate with existing clients, companies often weigh the pros and cons of hiring an in-house web developer versus outsourcing these critical services.

We know your time is money so we’ve taking the liberty of developing a pro list to show you just what retaining a web development company like Foxtrot can do for your business. You know, we’re all about helping businesses to save time and excel (even with pro and con lists!).

Pros of Foxtrot Media Retainer Services for Your Business’s Web Development Needs

  • We provide you with all the human and online resources you need to develop and manage your online tools and presence – more people and more resources on your team equals better dependability and increased efficiency than one part time web developer.
  • Creating, fixing, search engine optimizing and hosting websites is our thing. We specialize in open source, CMS systems written in PHP.
  • We’re more than web developers – from coding and hosting, to SEO, PPC to landing pages, you get more value from a firm like Foxtrot than a part time developer could deliver your business.
  • Foxtrot customers trust us to keep them web-enabled at all times. We are a tight-knit web-outfit that functions like a high-end, precision auto body shop. We love getting our hands dirty in the technology!
  • When you call us, you get a person on the other end of the phone. No call attendants, no answering services.
  • Our clients are like family- you’ll be on a first name basis with all of our friendly team members. Personal service- that’s our game.
  • We don’t need training – when you retain Foxtrot for your web development needs, we’re ready to hit the ground running with smart technology solutions and fast and functional website development.

Start exceeding your company’s web goals today. It’s time to get to know Foxtrot Media and our variety of services.

Call us to discuss how Foxtrot can help your business grow – (410) 902-1001.

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