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// Website Maintenance & Hosting Agreement

This Website Hosting & Maintenance Agreement (this “Agreement”) is dated and made effective Monday, November 6, 2023 (the “Effective Date”) between Blank (“Client”) and Foxtrot Media, Inc. (“Foxtrot”).

The Client has engaged Foxtrot to perform those services described in this Agreement (the “Services”). The following documents are incorporated by reference into and apply to this Agreement. Any capitalized terms that are not defined in this Agreement shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the following documents:

  • Foxtrot Terms of Service
  • Foxtrot Acceptable Use Policy
  • Foxtrot Professional Services Agreement

These documents may be found at: https://www.foxtrotmedia.com/legal

This Agreement describes the terms and conditions under which Foxtrot shall perform the Services. The payment terms set forth in this Agreement shall govern all transactions between the parties unless they are specifically superseded by a separate Proposal.

Payment Schedule: In consideration of Foxtrot’s provision of the Services, Client shall pay Foxtrot the amount agreed upon, beginning on the Effective Date. Foxtrot shall be entitled to suspend the provision of any Services if Client fails to pay any fees when due such failure continues for ten (10) days following written or email notice thereof. (c) A 1.5% monthly service charge is payable on all overdue balances of payments and billable expenses. Client shall reimburse Foxtrot for all expenses and costs, including attorney’s fees, in the event Foxtrot seeks legal action to collect payment or otherwise enforce its rights under this Agreement.

Term; Termination: The Term of “Foxtrot Hosting” and “Foxtrot Hosting Plus” services is 6 (six) months, will be billed at the start of term for the 6 months and will automatically renew. The term of “Foxtrot Retained Services” is one (one) year and will also renew at the end of each term. Payment for the “Foxtrot Retained Services” shall fall under a payment schedule selected by Client on page 5 of this document. Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving thirty (30) days written notice to the other of such termination. If cancellation occurs before the end of the Term, Client shall be responsible for 25% of the remaining contract price.

Authorization: Client hereby authorizes Foxtrot to access their web hosting account, providing active user name / password combinations for access to the server via FTP, assuring that ‘write permissions’ are in place on said hosting provider.

Service Inquiries: Client inquiries for service should be made to our phone 410-902-1001 during work hours and support@foxtrotmedia.com otherwise. Our work hours are 8:30AM-5:00PM EST M-F. The office is closed during most national holidays, but staff will be available for emergency situations, 24/7.

// Website Hosting & Maintenance

Foxtrot Standard Hosting Includes

  • Cloud Hosting Provided by AWS
  • LiteSpeed WordPress Caching
  • Dedicated Client Control Panel cPanel
  • Daily Full Site Image Backups
  • Weekly Offsite Backups with 5 Year Retention
  • On demand Backups Restoration
  • Free White Glove Migration
  • 24/7 Support
  • ImunifyAV Virus Monitoring
  • RSA 2048 bits SSL Security Certificate
Basic Medium Mega Pro Super
Disk Space 1GB 4GB 10GB 20GB 40GB
Bandwidth 20480 UNL UNL UNL UNL
6 Month Billing $339.99 $549.99 $689.99 $1,379.99 $2,069.99

Foxtrot Hosting Plus (Hosting with WordPress Maintenance)

We will make sure that your site is always online and fully operational. If a security breach or hack happens, we will find it and fix it. We will also address critical security core updates and known plugin exploits as they are identified.

  • Weekly Site Audits
  • WordPress Security Updates
  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Troubleshooting and Bug Fixes
  • API Connection Support
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Virus and Malware Scanning
  • Error Log Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
Basic Medium Mega Pro Super
Disk Space 1GB 4GB 10GB 20GB 40GB
Bandwidth 20480 UNL UNL UNL UNL
6 Month Billing $339.99 $549.99 $689.99 $1,379.99 $2,069.99

// Authorized Users

Along with the undersigned, the following individuals are authorized by Client’s to make changes to the Clients account and website:

The undersigned agree to the terms of this Agreement on behalf of his or her organization or business.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date.